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Langen B, Dost R, Egerland U, Stange H, Hoefgen N: The effect of PDE10A inhibition on MK-801 induced immobility in the forced swim test. Psychopharmacology, (2012) 221: 249-259

Michael S. Malamas,* Hans Stange, Rudolf Schindler, Hans-Joachim Lankau, Christian Grunwald, Barbara Langen, Ute Egerland,Thorsten Hage,Yike Ni,§ James Erdei,§ Kristi Yi Fan,§,b Kevin Parris,§ Karen L. Marquis,§ Steve Grauer,§ Julie Brennan,§ Rachel Navarra,§ Radka Graf,§ Boyd L. Harrison,§ Albert Robichaud,§,a Thomas Kronbach, Menelas N. Pangalos,§,c Nicholas J. Brandon,# and Norbert Hoefgen.*,: Novel Triazines as Potent and Selective Phosphodiesterase 10A Inhibitors. Bioorg. Med. Chem. Letters, 2012, 22 (2012), 5876-5884*

Norbert Hoefgen, Christian Grunwald, Barbara Langen: Targeting PDE10A in Schizophrenia. Drugs of the Future, 2012, 37 (8): 577-589

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