Science & Technology

BioCrea has brought together years of small molecule discovery excellence, proven in CNS drug discovery and validated through partnerships with big pharma and biotech companies. Today, the company is using this unique knowledge and patient-based technologies to provide new CNS drug therapies.


BioCrea’s programs are based on and validated by patient-derived models or clinical data.

Moreover, our computer based virtual screening facilitates the efficient sourcing of unique and novel chemical molecules. These compounds are thoroughly optimized for efficacy and safety with our proprietary compound library and our multi pronged discovery approaches. The process of a multi-parameter optimization of these new compounds to build drug candidates for CNS diseases is a core capability of BioCrea.

The ‘Patient-to-Screen’ platform delivers new treatment options for ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) through patient-derived skin cells bearing disease-causing mutations in their genome, which are turned into stem cells. The cells are then used to generate pathological motor neurons as a highly informative ‘disease model in a dish’. These disease models pave the way for novel treatments of motor neuron diseases such as ALS and other neurodegenerative diseases.